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Centenary brand, Castelnau. Since its establishment in 1916, Champagne Castelnau explores subtleties and expresses emotion with precision. The story begins thanks to the union of enthusiasts with the desire to create a champagne brand with a delicate, generous, and unique character.

Oenothèque Castelnau

Castelnau does not hesitate to break free from codes and conventions to create, imagine, and dream. It plays with the passing of time to craft expressive champagnes that delight epicureans in search of emotions. After each hand-harvested vintage, the team at Champagne Castelnau carefully selects and blends the wines with precision and passion to create the Castelnau signature. In the cellars of the House, the cuvées are patiently entrusted to the mastery of time so that the blends reveal their personality, characterized by a sensation of intense aromatic depth in harmony with a finish of dazzling lightness. The extended aging on lees is controlled, and there is a particular focus on the upbringing of reserve wines, the guardians of the House's style. Castelnau truly embodies a wine spirit and offers the tasting experience of an excellent wine with the prestige of Champagne added! The Brut Réserve cuvée is the perfect embodiment of the Castelnau style with the delicate alliance of extended cellar aging and reserve wines that bring depth and generosity. Discovery and sharing reflect the spirit of Castelnau.

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The Champagne Castelnau

 For over a century, the knowledge and skills passed down with patience and passion by the men and women who create these champagnes have been the cornerstone of their memory. Today, the Cellar Master, Carine Bailleul, can meticulously translate this expertise into the Champagne Castelnau cuvées thanks to the constancy and richness of this knowledge. This process is elevated by the mastery of slow aging, allowing for the expression of both the delicacy of effervescence and the characteristic aromatic patina of champagnes.

Since its establishment in 1916, Champagne Castelnau has explored subtleties and rigorously expressed emotion. The adventure began with a group of enthusiasts aiming to create a champagne brand characterized by a delicate, generous, and distinctive style.

 Today, the magic of the alchemy between craftsmanship and creativity weaves the link between tradition and the future. Champagne CASTELNAU represents the quintessence of a vineyard.

The Castelnau Vineyard

The vineyard boasts 149 crus spread over nearly 900 hectares of vineyards among the best terroirs of Champagne. Among these great terroirs, we distinguish: The Montagne de Reims located in Marne, where the dominant grape variety is Pinot Noir. The Vallée de la Marne, located at the crossroads of Marne, Aisne, and Seine-et-Marne, is dominated by Pinot Meunier. The Côte des Blancs, in Marne, with its unique grape variety, Chardonnay. Finally, the Vineyard of Aube between the departments of Aube and Haute-Marne, predominantly featuring Pinot Noir. This diversity gives Champagne Castelnau its uniqueness and allows for the production of exceptional cuvées.

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