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Champagne Baron Albert is a modern fable involving three founding generations in the House history. First, Albert and his wife Beatrice, who were at the initiative of the first Champagnes of the House, following a long line of winemakers. Then his sons: Gilbert, Gervais and Claude, who pursued the large-scale project designed by Albert. Brilliantly, they passed on an important wine estate to Claire, Lise and Aline: Claude’s daughters. From the first hectare to the current 55, the family has always followed this moral: to join our forces to grow stronger. And a closer look at this family House greatness allows us to see the infinite work currently continued by the heiresses of Albert Baron.


Since the first cellar dug by Albert Baron in 1946, the House has continued to innovate and uses now leading-edge technologies. Its equipment ensures the quality and precision of the Baron Albert Champagnes.

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