The development of a quality champagne requires pressing as gently as possible. Let's not forget that the aim is to avoid any coloration of the juice by the skins of the grapes, and to avoid an extraction of undesirable elements such as the tannins from the skins as well as those from the grape seeds, that a too much pressure can crush causing a release of bitter and unpleasant compounds.

The first presses generally make it possible to collect the "cuvée approximately 20.50 hl" the first juice extracted corresponds to the heart of the cuvée approximately 10.25 hl in the reception tank.

The following presses extract the pruning juice. This cycle can include 2 or 3 presses depending on the grapes.

The quality of a wine results from its content of sugar, tartaric and malic acid, as well as potassium.

The cuvée and the size are not mixed and are vinified separately

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