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n February 1948, 3 families, Fransoret, Dehu and Cadestin, from Mancy, village of the Coteaux Sud of Epernay, close to the Côte des Blancs, have gathered on a common project to produce Champagne. They were then 29 members on a global surface of 23 Ha.

The Cooperative has since grown considerably and developed on the famous Coteaux du Sezannais and Vallée de la Marne (La Chapelle Monthodon).

70 years later, the House lean on 200 members who give their best to cultivate and harvest quality grapes, over a vineyard of 110 Ha.

Esterlin headquarters are located on the famous Avenue de Champagne in Epernay.

The building is inspired from the Villas de Palladio in Venetie.

The interior is modern with great spaces, architectural lines, and elegant woodworks.

It’s a great place to be during the sunny days, where tourists and visitors can share a fresh coupe of our champagne directly on the terrace.

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