Champagne Esterlin Blanc de Blancs Champagne Esterlin - 1
Champagne Esterlin Blanc de Blancs Champagne Esterlin - 2
    Champagne Esterlin Blanc de Blancs Champagne Esterlin - 1
    Champagne Esterlin Blanc de Blancs Champagne Esterlin - 2

    Champagne Esterlin Blanc de Blancs

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    A wine of great delicacy, and some maturity aromas. A silky texture, typical of the chardonnay’s delicacy and specific to the Blanc de Blancs.

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    Clear, yellow with “forest aspects”.

    Refined with freshly crushed hazelnuts notes, citrus overtones as well.

    Straight, a nice minerality. Like the nose, hazelnuts notes in mouth.

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    Chardonnay %
    Degré d'alcool/Format Bouteille
    Format Bouteille
    Contenance 75cl

    About Champagne Esterlin

    Esterlin headquarters are located on the famous Avenue de Champagne in Epernay.

    The building is inspired from the Villas de Palladio in Venetie.

    The interior is modern with great spaces, architectural lines, and elegant woodworks.

    It’s a great place to be during the sunny days, where tourists and visitors can share a fresh coupe of our champagne directly on the terrace.

    In a building inspired by the Palladian villas in Veneto, in the heart of the city of Epernay on the famous Avenue de Champagne, Champagne Esterlin presents a unique style achieved with a traditional and distinctive method. Most of the wines are vinified without malolactic fermentation, synonymous with freshness, intensity, and good aging potential. To add more complexity, they undergo a longer aging period: 5 years for the Brut Eclat, which is disgorged 1 year before commercialization, 6 years for the Blanc de Blancs Eclat, and 10 years for the cuvées and cuvées Identity. This duration provides the wine with great aromatic and gustatory complexity, with tasting notes of superior aging.

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    Esterlin Champagnes manage to maintain both the roundness and the freshness of the fruit (citrus, yellow fruits) depending on the cuvées. The reserve wines are crafted from a Solera, initiated in 1972 with exceptional quality. The Solera imparts to our non-vintage wines, Brut Eclat and Ex-Solera, a higher density and induces a rich and complex body. Maison Esterlin also employs oak barrel fermentation for its 2010 Cléo Blanc de Blancs cuvée.

    In February 1948, three families - Fransoret, Dehu, and Cadestin - located in Mancy, a village on the southern slopes of Epernay, near the Côte des Blancs, came together around a common project to produce Champagne. They initially united 29 members over an area of 23 hectares. Since then, the Cooperative has significantly expanded and has notably developed in the renowned Coteaux du Sézannais and in the Marne Valley (La Chapelle Monthodon). Today, 70 years later, the Maison relies on nearly 200 members dedicated to cultivating and harvesting the finest grapes across a vineyard of 110 hectares.

    Champagne Esterlin Brut Eclat
    Esterlin vintage 2010 Cléo
    Champagne Rosé Esterlin

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