Champagne Besserat De Bellefon Brut Bleu Champagne Besserat De Bellefon - 1
Champagne Besserat De Bellefon Brut Bleu Champagne Besserat De Bellefon - 2
    Champagne Besserat De Bellefon Brut Bleu Champagne Besserat De Bellefon - 1
    Champagne Besserat De Bellefon Brut Bleu Champagne Besserat De Bellefon - 2

    Champagne Besserat De Bellefon Brut Bleu

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    Champagne Bleu Brut .

    Harmony and balance.

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    Simply dressed, the warmth of its presence surrounds the place like velours. Its sight reveals a deep clarity of minerals and a unique balance. Carried by the current of a journey on the water’s edge, by remaining true to itself, it pays tribute to the life it bears within. That of its elders is the seed of tomorrow; but that of today is the fruit full of boundless energy and the entry into the world of BB.

    Aspect: Coppery and bright I Nuances of yellow straw

    Bouquet: Open and indulgent I Wisps of linden blossom I Honeysuckle I Hazelnuts I Mirabelle plum

    Palate: Harmonious I Balanced I Vinous

    Assemblage: Chardonnay I Pinot Noir I Meunier

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    Pinot Meunier %
    Pinot Noir %
    Chardonnay %
    Degré d'alcool/Format Bouteille
    Format Bouteille
    Contenance 75cl

    About Champagne Besserat De Bellefon

    The House of Besserat de Bellefon, since 1843, was founded in Aÿ by Edmond Besserat. Besserat de Bellefon Champagne is unique in that it is a 'gastronomic' Champagne. The different cuvées are designed to accompany an entire meal. They do not undergo malolactic fermentation, which makes them wines for aging. The production technique used requires less dosage, resulting in lower pressure inside the bottle, which produces finer bubbles and imparts a creamy texture.

    Maison Besserat de Bellefon
    Besserat de Bellefon logo

    Edmond Besserat, originally from Hautvillers, founded his Champagne house in 1843 in Aÿ. From the beginning, he decided to distribute his Champagne to hotels, restaurants, and wine merchants. In 1920, Edmond Besserat (the second of his name and the grandson of the founder) married Yvonne Méric de Bellefon. From this union, the house Besserat de Bellefon took its current name and its coat of arms.

    It's ten years later that the house will take flight: the director of a famous Parisian restaurant, La Samaritaine de Luxe, is said to have told Victor Besserat, the grandson of the founder: 'Prepare for me a Champagne wine that is rich enough to accompany a whole meal, and I will order 1,000 bottles instead of 100.' The Cuvée des Moines is thus created, in tribute to the Benedictine monks who were the first to master the double fermentation of Champagne. The Brut, created in 1930, is the first cuvée in the current range: the first Rosé appeared in 1972, followed in 1999 by the Blanc de Blancs (100% Chardonnay) and the first Vintage in 2007 (Vintage 2000), with the extra-Brut completing the range in 2009. In 2013, Maison Besserat de Bellefon celebrated its 170th anniversary and released a special cuvée for the occasion: the cuvée BdeB. In 2018, Maison Besserat de Bellefon initiated its Lifestyle revolution and launched its new line. In 2019, Maison Besserat de Bellefon became the supplier for the Voiles de Saint-Tropez.

    Brut Bleu besserat de Bellefon
    Blanc de Blancs montagne champagneBesserat

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